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A Day in the Life...

This journal sees far too little love so here it goes, I'mma pop this bitch with an update an' we'll see where it goes from there. Ya' heard?

What's a typical day for JT? well... I usually wake up around 11:00(I'm a lazy ass), grab a cup of coffee, then hit the gym. Jason, my trainer, makes me do oh about 9,000 sit ups, then we do push ups, some free weights, and just light cardio. I ain't wanting to get all big and beefy. Wouldn't be able to move if I was all stiff up on that stage, ya know. After Jason's done killing me, I get a shower and meet up with Momma, daddy, Trace and Elisha for lunch. Trace and me will usually act retarded for awhile and bitch and moan then I head to the venue for soundcheck.

Soundcheck's when I usually run into Priss and she'll be in full diva mode. *mocks Christina* "You ain't got to get attitude with me. I want to sing Etta at this tone and fuck you, who has the Grammy!!" Trace usually gives her shit, and then she gets them mad giggles going and we all laugh like morons till its my turn to check equiptment. During soundcheck Joe sometimes brings contest winners and meet and greet peeps and they get to see me look the fool in my sweats and over sized shorts, all unshaven. Its cool though. We try an' make it a lil' special for them. Steve's been doin' a polaroid thing with them so they all get to take home pictures and Joe says its a pretty big hit so far.

So, soundcheck's all done. What next? Well, usually its press. Got a lot of nosey fuckin' people wantin' to talk to me, and we do the one shots for the radio station's for the upcoming cities and what not. Right now I'm doing a lot of stuff for Turner broadcasting during the "press" part of the day. That's actually been mad fun.

Press is followed by a security brief. Randy, Johnny, and Eric give the low down on the venue, the city, the hotel, the fan's outside. All that fun stuff. Randy's the best. He's usually givin' us all a good show with his wanna be comedic skills. He almost makes up for Lonnie not bein' here. I miss that fat fucker, but yeah.. he's workin' for JC so its all good. Kevin will sometimes go over problems the ban's having and whatnot and Dave also pops in during the security brief and gives a quick up date on the crew and venue and how the tour's going. Of course Steve can't sit anything out so he's up and jabbering about video camera's, laser pointers, and hot chicks in the audience.
About this time we all head to the venue's cafetera and grab a bite for dinner.

I got spoiled in the U.K. Lisa, the chef we had over there, totally pampered me. Made all my fave's so I've been a rat bastard to the new catering crew. They finally got the hint though. For the most part, dinner is things like macaroni and cheese(my fave!), salads, soups(my other fave!), grilled vegetables, grilled chicken breasts... you know, all that healthy crap. I don't like to eat anything heavy, like red meats and such till AFTER the show. Then me and Trace will get the gang together and oink out on pizza, hamburgers, whatevers easy to grab. We been eating A LOT of Taco Bell and Wendy's lately. I blame Christina for that. grrr. As dinner wraps up, Joe's usually headed to the stage to announce The Black Eyed Peas and that means, its time to get ready.

Sometimes we play ball, other times we play ping pong, or harrass Christina as she straps on that huge weave. I'll pop in and hang with Robin a bit and do the vocal exercises to keep the ol'pipes in shape around this time too. Once Priss hits the stage its time to get ready.

Eddie, Marty, and Kelly will head back from watchin' Chrissy's set and then we all get dressed, stretch, and just chill. Sometimes we watch her set some, other times we're just acting the fool. Once Christina drops "Beautiful" on the crowd, we do the pre-show prayer/hug-fest. After all that the adrenelin/ nervousness/butterflies are pumping pretty good, so I start jumping around and just bouncing all over the place. This is when me and the guys would hakey. Damn, I never knew how much I'd miss that little bag of beans bein' kicked around. Then its showtime.

For one hour, twenty-four minutes, and twenty-five seconds we ty to turn whatever arena/colisuem/theatre we are in into a club. We run down the set list pretty solid, littering it with the some of the more hype tracks off the album, a couple nsync tunes, a beatbox deal, and wrap it up with the first single, Like I Love You. Once we bolt the stage, I'm in the car and on my way out of the venue before the house lights even come on. Silly little teenies thinking I'm there after the show.

After the show, man I'm boring. We been doing a lot of bowling and Nintendo 64 marathons. Trace and Elisha will usually go to dinner and sometimes we'll all hit a club if we're off the next night. Steve usually is all up in my shit around this time too. Always buggin' me and harrassin' me, then he's off calling Alyssa. I spend a lot of time alone after the gigs. Cameron's been calling me a lot though and thats been cool. She's come out to a few of the gigs and of course Christina's always around. Her and her crew are insane. Eddie's been hangin' with them a lot too. He used to work with her so it makes sense. They literally run up and down the hallways, screaming, laughing, blaring music... nuts. Think this was her first tour or something.

Well, yep. Thats it. Ain't too glamorous or anything. Just a lot of repition, which I LOVE. The tour ends in about a month, then I'm doing shit for Turner Broadcasting and packing for Europe. Just call me "Busy T" or as Trace likes to call me, "Boy band gimp, turned solo pimp."

I'm out.
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