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Before I Hit The Stage....

So the St. Louis show SUCKED ASS! Probably from all the technical diffculties and Priss's set running 45 minutes over, but yeah, FUCKED UP! Could of had something to do with getting my ass kicked before the show too. But whatever don't kill us, makes us stronger right?

This tour has been really hard on me personally. My personal life is a fucking mess. I'm a mess, but I don't think I've let that all show during the concerts. I put on my "professional" face and work the crowd. I feel like a clown though. Like I have the painted on smile, but underneath it is a huge frown. But, like the clown, I still perform and make the people happy.

So we're in Lousiana. UGH! Honestly, there's nothing good about this state. Well, that ain't entirely true. Lynne Spears makes a mean Fried Chicken dinner, and well I haven't really eaten much since.... shit, Seattle. Steve, Trace, and me finished off an entire chicken, I kid you not. Lynne told me she'd make me more too! WOO! Oh, the other good thing about the home state of Bubba Gump is my wife, Jamie-Lynn. Oh how I love her, and not in an R.Kelly kinda way.

Priss and Fergie seem to have hit it off and thats cool. I've known her forever. She opened for Nsync back in her Wild Orchid days and lets not forget she did introduce JC to the Bobbiee-beast. Its good to see Cow bonding with another girl who thinks she's black. HAHAHAAAAAAA! Its just nice to have lots of familiar faces around, basically.

I'd have to say, this is my fave time of the tour though. Being in "the dirrty south" seems to have put a smile back on my face, and a little kick in my step. I love bein' home where I can "ya'll" and "reckon" with out being made fun of.

Don't forget to check out Priss's new video thats all nastaaaay and go to onlyartist.com to hear JC's shizzle. Don't forget to vote for, "Where is the Love" on 106 and Park and on TRL and get Fergie and the rest of the Peas their propers. Oh, and buy, "Reel Nsync" and line Steve's pockets a bit more. Hmm.. I think I nabbed everyone. Stevie, Jon, see you in 2 days. I'm FLYING HOME tomorrow night and going straight to your place.

Peace an' a lil' chi'ken grease, holmes!
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