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We forget bout this..

No one's updated this community in a long time, so I figure I'd drop an update. The tour is going well. Since, I'm a female, and yeah I notice things,,Id say that the tours cohesiveness has been a little odd? off? since Los Angeles, and I really haven't seen much of anyone, outside of the arenas since then, but I think everyone's just trying to deal with their own shit. I have managed to catch some of J's show the past two nights, and its definitely been really cool. I think what we all need is a tour bonding night. We have tommorrow night off guys, you wanna all just throw our own shit at the hotel, or go out and get wasted? Tell me what you think. We're about to have a 5 day break starting on Monday the 5th and I really want us to have our bonding night out before then. Just respond to this if you think its cool. Let's see..

There has been rumors floating around about ticket sales being slow, and I thought I'd clear that up by denying any such rumors. And we're definetely not scaling this down. Tommorrow, making the tour airs @ 1pm on MTV. All of us should watch it becase we're all going to pop up in it at some point. It's an hour long, so don't forget. I will wake you guys up, don't think I won't! Tonight's show is in Dallas, TX. Can't wait. <333 Pristina
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