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Johnny Wright


Tonights the last night at the Staples Arena before we kick this tour off right. Once we get on the road and away from all the celebrity clinger-ons, I expect to see some real greatness from Timberlake.

So we cancelled a show up in Canada and some kids are starting a petition. If you want to help their cause, go to: You never realize the importance of your voice till you use it.

Kids, save your allowance when coming to the show. We have so many great tour related items for sale. Here's a peek:

JC had a hand in designing one of the shirts, as you can all tell. I thought it was a bad idea, but it seems to be selling.

There's also mesh(trucker) hats, thongs, panties, programs, and wrist cuffs. We'll add more merch as the tour rolls along and we see what the demand is.

I have calls to make regarding JC's album and Lance's movie. I thought I had Carlos and Laura on my payroll for a reason. Got to love how no one really works around here. I bet they get to work if I dock their paychecks. Good idea.

See you at a venue in a city near you.
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