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And the beat goes..

Last night's show went well. Oregon here we come. Trace, for someone who's on tour with us, I never see your ass around. Call me, asap. I need a night of going fucking retarded. And I know you'll be able to help me. I'm not gonna be around til later, I kinda went back home to L.A. to deal with some things right after my set last night..I'll be flying in later tonight.


of me popped up of me in San Fran the other day from this dinner party being held at the Clift Hotel. Why? I dunno.. As if you guys who can read this aren't seeing enough of me on a daily basis, and as one of the only females on this tour, I feel like I should share. So here's for your viewing pleasure. And if you don't wanna see it. Bite me. *muah*
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